Supernova? EDIT: 347339 (2012 PN12)

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Could be but I think it’s a transient. JPL is timing out for me.


I don’t know. I have my doubts. IMHO I think it’s an artifact. Visible in two 'single image exposures 'from 2018-11-14 but only a couple of minutes apart. Nothing in PanSTARRs. No asteroid (I did a manual search) Two ‘single image exposures’ on the same date, only a few minutes apart is not enough data to determine anything.


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Agreed. Supernova usually will last at least a few months so would be visible on other exposures.

Might be moving in these exposures but I think it is an asteroid or something. If so i will change the topic to Asteroids.

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Turns out I looked it up and it is in fact an asteroid; 347339 (2012 PN12) a small asteroid in the main belt, at the size of New York. When i loked closely on it i could see movement.


How did you find out it is asteroid; 347339 (2012 PN12)? I did a manual search and found no asteroid.

Ine :stars::dizzy:


I might’ve made a mistake or something, probably a typo.

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