Supermassive black hole with jets?

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That’s cool!
I think if it were jets, you would see it in radio emission – eg, in the VLASS layer – but I don’t see anything there.

It could also be a chance superposition – even so, it’s rare to see a spiral like that so thin (nearly edge on).

Or it could be that the blue streak is the debris from a merger – again, not the usual morphology you’d expect.

Nice find!

Thanks Dustin. Great suggestions on what this could be. I didn’t realize that the VLASS layer would reveal radio emissions- I learned something today! I was also curious that IF they were jets, they would be emitted 90 degrees from the plane of the rotation. Anyway, thanks for the comments.

It is a polar ring galaxy.
If you squint really hard (my favorite technique) you can see the dust lane in the ring in front of the galaxy but no dust lane where the ring goes behind it.

UGC 07576

another image here

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The “astronomer squint” is a real technique :slight_smile:

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Thanks a bunch- very interesting

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