Strange merger

Ine :stars::dizzy:


Do you think the upper left spriral-2 is in a late stage of a merger?
It looks to me like an armless spiral-2 (maybe lost in a fly-by side swipe) merged with a spiral-2
The welds at the arm roots are still hot
Meanwhile, the elliptical came up from behind, dragging the arm tip along

Possible interaction in a group? If you unzoom a bit, you can see three more galaxies around…

Welcome @Emanuela_Pompei
No, good idea but I don’t see it.
Note: I’ve set Cont=1.3 & Brght=0.8 for this answer - YMMV

IMHO, neither of the blue spirals nor the beautiful white #spiral-2 #pseudo-ring show any sign of interaction or movement.

But… if the subject, S, is massive and it is at rest relative to the frame
And… the interloper, I, is small and much less massive but fast and comes in from our right

If I swings tightly around S in just the right way it ill swing out and make the first shell and then come back in.

I’s original passage may have moved S a little so I might swing around and do the 2nd shell

Modify and repeat as required to get the result you see.

Aside from the obvious tidal disruption tails?

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I’m talking about the three remote galaxies @Emanuela_Pompei mentioned