Strange Green Object

What is that? Artifact? Nebula?

I don’t think it’s an artifact – appears in two exposures taken months apart, and looks astronomical in shape. Possibly H-alpha associated with that nearby large galaxy??

Thats very odd. Theres another bit a little further up too:

I’d say real astrophysical effect. Just not sure what lol. I don’t think it could be related to the nearby galaxy, as it looks a little too distant from it, but then again, who knows.

Very odd indeed.

Sidenote - definitely real. Appears in DSS images, which were taken decades ago.

Side sidenote - Seems to have a galex detection, so maybe not H-alpha? I think its lyman-alpha thats UV?

The pure-green color in the LS images means it’s in the r band. The GALEX emission could be coming from a different atomic transition in the same gas.

At coordinates RA,Dec 160.8934, -30.2717 (to the left) I found this one (see image below)

Ine :stars::dizzy:

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I think it’s a very faint nebula, most visible in R-band.

There is another, fainter than the other ones.

158.7827, -30.0209

May be associated with the close molecular cloud in the Vela constellation.