Strange galaxy

galaxy. Bright, orange star on the right and left side of the galaxy. And blue object on the left side. Nothing in Simbad Search.

Ine :stars::dizzy:



Probably not, don’t think they come in sets of 2 lensed images?

Don’t think it’s a lens - would have to be incredibly massive to be that strong. Very, very weird. Look like stars to me. Fairly sizeable UV and somewhat IR source. Maybe an artefact or (less likely) some sort of burst of some kind from the galaxy. In terms of artefacts (which seems to be the easiest explanation), any sort of transient object or reflected signal may be culpable.

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Gaia has the two stars measured with proper motions and parallaxes – all similar – so it’s a co-moving pair, and a chance alignment with that galaxy. Nice!