Star in foreground

Is this a star simply in the foreground with another star behind it?

If you turn on the Gaia-DR2 catalog overlay, you can see that it has a fairly large proper motion (more than 0.1 arcseconds per year), so the star has moved between the different exposures we have for it (in this case, spanning about 5 years)

Thanks, Dustin. I have a lot to learn about how to actually use there viewer. Is there a 0-60 guide somewhere for total know-nothings like I am? I saw the “tips/tricks” but it wasn’t what i had in mind. Something for to just generally understand what’s what…

We don’t really have anything like that, but the GalaxyZoo folks have a bunch of resources, including some good stuff in the “Help” topic here,

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey also has a bunch of educational resources in their “voyages” site:


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