Star cluster?

It’s not distinct, but this area of the sky has a much higher proportion of bright stars than nearby areas.

If you zoom in, you’ll notice that the lighter coloured area is covered by a large patch of nebulosity. I suspect that this is the culprit. I don’t see a higher star population in the area, so i’d say no cluster.

I think I can tell the difference between dust and stars by now, Tom!

It’s possible that the stars stand out more in this area as the colour balance looks different - the bright stars all have a green tint. Here are two equivalent areas of the sky next to each other. One has a distinctly higher number of bright greenish stars in it.

I wasn’t suggesting that you were mistaking dust for stars. I meant that it was affecting how we see their colour. Nebulous regions change how we see stars’ colours often. I see a lot of extrinsic reddening in the infrared caused by dust while searching for brown dwarfs.

If the nebulosity is caused by a molecular cloud, i’d assume it would be normal to find a higher population density of younger, brighter stars?

I think the colour shift is a processing issue, as I note there are other blocks that have a greenish hue in this survey. Colour shift aside, these two images taken next to each other (you can see the coordinates) with enhanced contrast to emphasise the bright stars shows the effect that I noticed while scanning across the area.