Sometimes it's hard to tell where the villain is hiding

VLASS overlay

Probably here…

Probably here

So what is that exactly that is circled in yellow?

the potential source of those radio jets

It’s a black hole at the heart of the dim and distant galaxy, which is actively consuming gas from the galaxy, known as an Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN). As the ionised gas spirals in to the black hole the rapidly rotating plasma generates tremendous radiation pressure and magnetic fields that propel jets of relativistic particles outwards from each of the “poles”. These energetic particles moving almost at the speed of light travel distances millions of times the size of the host galaxy out into space, ionizing everything in their way. As the collisions slow down and disperse the jets, this produces intense radio emissions, which show up in the radio telescope image as two huge plumes. It is sometimes possible to see a bright radio source between the two plumes, identifying the source galaxy. In this case the galaxy is so distant that the radio emissions from the source galaxy are too weak and are not detected. It seems incredible that something so tremendously powerful is hardly visible at all in optical wavelengths (which was the point of posting this).

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