Some wild stuff, even the image is odd (it's not in simbad can you name it after me?)

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You are looking in the “residuals” images. They are different from, and is not the actual image.

SIMBAD isn’t good for looking up faint galaxies. It gives the nearest bright object or displays “no astronomical object found”

It was originally a star catalogue, but it has brighter galaxies too.
Newbie alert: If your object isn’t listed in SIMBAD, it jumps to the nearest object. Check to see that the object listed is within 5 arc-seconds .

NED is NASA/IPAC EXTRAGALACTIC DATABASE, and is better suited for finding information about galaxies.
Useful search, just put in your galaxy co-ordinates in place of the 000.
Your are looking at a star.

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Not strictly true. Its entirely literature-based. Faintness doesn’t play in to it as a rule, except in the sense that fainter = harder to spot = less likely to be published.

LEDA galaxies are on SIMBAD, which can get pretty faint.

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