Simbad entry is quite long

Longest list of listed objects I’ve come across in my unlisted object-hunting career.

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Maybe someone was cataloging globular clusters

It is Messier 49

Wikipedia article about M49 says about globular clusters:
“This galaxy has many globular clusters: estimated to be about 5,900. This is far more than the roughly 200 orbiting the Milky Way, but dwarves the 13,450 orbiting the supergiant elliptical galaxy Messier 87. On average, the globular clusters of M49 are about 10 billion years old.” Cohen et al. 2003

The wikipedia article also mentions the x-ray emission of the galaxy. See Chandra image of this galaxy. (You might need change to “soft x-ray->Chandra”)


“Messier 49 is gravitationally interacting with the dwarf irregular galaxy UGC 7636.” Correct reference would be Patterson & Thuan 1992

UGC 7636:

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Looks like many of them are type “GlC” = globular cluster, from this project using Hubble

This is (I gather from that paper title) part of the Virgo cluster.