Signs of jets in the visible?

This galaxy has symmetrical lobes above and below the plane of the disc, which are not resolved in the SDSS images but which are visible in DECaLS DR7. Are they visible manifestations of jets from an AGN or perhaps gravitational lensing?

Another possibility - more likely IMHO - is a polar ring. What does it look like in PS1 (assuming it’s within the footprint)?

PS1 is shallower, so it doesn’t tell much:

Probably a polar ring since 4 out of 6 SIMBAD references are about polar ring papers.

I’ve been reading up on polar ring galaxies and this doesn’t look like any of those, although the resolution of the image could be a problem in correctly identifying the structure.

Does anyone have any Hubble credits? :slight_smile:

The PS1 image does show a feature more or less in the same place, so I think we can rule out “artifact” (this is important; in my experience, there are rather more artifacts - in DECaLS, SDSS, and PS1 - than you might expect).

StarGazer: polar ring galaxies have a wide range of appearances, and the best way to tell if this is one is more likely via spectroscopy than photometry: the line-of-sight velocity distribution for the rings, vs the disk, should be very clearly different. I don’t know how difficult it would be to get good spectra, but likely quite difficult.

We need ALMA to tune in on it! :blush: