Sharp bend, interacting galaxy?

I just came across this object while browsing and I’m not really sure what is happening here. It looks like maybe a green pea galaxy is interacting with a larger spiral, but there is an obvious sharp bend in the spiral and I don’t recall ever seeing anything like it. It also seems there is a high energy particle showing in the center of the spiral image. Any ideas? Is that a bend in the spiral arm, or maybe another galaxy behind. It looks cool! :slight_smile:

Cool!! Yes, that bright green speck is definitely a cosmic ray; we get lots of those and most of them are detected and masked out, but they’re harder for the algorithms to identify when they’re close to the core of a galaxy.

As for this beauty of a galactic collision, it could also be that the spiral is what is left after two galaxies have collided. It certainly is jumbled up! The straight part of the bend, which seems to be bluer, could be the core of one of the colliding galaxies. The bright source at ~ 9 o-clock might be a foreground star.

Nice find!