Hello Dustin,
I’d like to ask if there’s an image of requirements in computer hardware, software, internet speeds etc to work the DECaLS viewer as fast and good as it can get. E.g. is a display that can depict 200 or 250 % of sRGB any useful or the color of the images is that much compressed that won’t be any defference? Same for graphic cards, prossesors, internet speeds etc.

Also will it ever be possible to add more controls than contrast and brightnes to the viewer? Like adjusting red, green or blue etc?

Thank you, have a beautiful weekend!


(thanks for posting here)

I don’t have an answer for computer specs – and I think it depends on what you get used to also! If you have had the experience where a new computer feels super super fast for a while, and then you get used to it, and then if you ever go back and use your old one, it feels like molasses…

The brightness/contrast sliders were added by a student (the amazing They operate purely on the client side, using CSS features, so the things that can be added in that way are very limited:

Is there something you have in mind?


Thanks for the answer, yes: first I’m thinking of buying a new laptop or something and second sometimes I need to remove a color from the image to distinguish some object’s faint color or shape features. I’m doing it already with image prossesing software anyway. I would appreciate an answer to my first question if anyone knows.

Thanks again Dustin, have a great week!