Request changes to /viewer

Is there a chance that you can add the unwise W3/W4 layer into the viewer?

unWISE is coadded from 9 years of WISE data. Unfortunately WISE only observed at 12 and 22 microns for a limited amount of time (~1 year if I recall correctly) due to cryogen exhaustion so isnt included in unWISE.

Would need to be AllWISE for W3/W4.

I am asking @dstn, not you to make the sky viewer more efficient.

Charming :roll_eyes:

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But thanks for the note @tombickle. The W3/W4 is an efficient way to find voorwerpjes by looking at orange objects, then the VLASS layer, and then the DECaLS survey.

I had originally replied with the popcorn emoji but I felt that might be overegging it a bit