Redshift is 'way too high

incorrect redshift, not z=7.001, should be 0.457
Usually I wouldn’t have bothered to mention it, except that we became excited when we saw the big number. :slight_smile:
The chart is very dim,

The redshifts are straight from the SDSS DR14 SpecObj files. This one does have ZWARNING=4 set (SMALL DELTA CHI2), so not entirely surprising it is wrong.
I can’t even get it to show up on the SDSS spectrum search tool / viewer…

Ooops, yes, I should have contacted SDSS. Silly me, many apologies.

The spectral chart seems to have been removed from dr14, but not dr16

I was looking at SDSS dr16, and there was the error was corrected.

Cheers! :slight_smile: