Redshift for DR8-South galaxies

How do we find the redshift value for DR8-South galaxies? For example

I tried Spectroscopy->SDSS Spectra. Nothing is shown. For DR5, DR6 and DR7 I used this to get the redshift.


You can use the cone search of NED: Choose “Near Position Search”, copy the coordinates and add the letter d after each number. In this case 323.6996d, -39.7726d

Look in the result page for the galaxy with a very small separation. In this case the galaxy is called WISEA J213447.92-394621.3, which has a redshift of 0.174903.

The galaxy is probably outside of the SDSS survey region. DESI will eventually take a spectrum in the future. The current redshift measurement at NED for this galaxy seems to be from the the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (2dFGRS).

Thank you very much Melina.

That galaxy is at Dec=-39 – SDSS did not observe there.

And DESI will not either – it’s too far south. DESI will go down to about Dec=-28.