Ram pressure stripping jellyfish


Looks like a wild RPS wave, cool


Yeah, the guy who runs the Jellyfish zooniverse project really liked this one. Pretty spectacular.


Yeah, I found it before you @tombickle! But here’s another candidate for the “000” project!

The 000 project is part of collecting many galaxies for the new upcoming project.


Already posted it in the A thread of DES/Legacy/HSC candidates (as ssonya7149)

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No, in the nicest way you didn’t (not that it matters who found it first). This particular one is very well known and has been known for a while.

Lol GZ people and their insistence on telling you they found a thing before you. Kinda funny.

Niko, could you send the reference for it being known? I had a look through the literature when I originally posted it and can’t say I came across anything about ram pressure. It definitely feels like it should be known… its fairly blatent.

Weirdly, I might now look like an idiot because I can’t find a literature reference. I can’t find literature on it but I have discussed this one with Callum and Jake on zooniverse and it was on the “about” section of that zooniverse project as an example jellyfish for a while though, so it is at least known to them.

I think I posted it there during the beta (back in november), so its possible they added it to the about page for the full project? :man_shrugging:

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Guessing so. Have 100% discussed + seen this there with Jake and maybe Callum