Quite red star

Found in SDSS http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr14/en/tools/quicklook/summary.aspx?id=1237667539080314902
Seems not in GAIA EDR3 (nearest object at 0.09 arcsec has a G Mag of 11.9)

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Invert parallax from Gaia EDR3 gives a distance of 148 parsec.
Absolute G-mag=11.4
With my CMD for EDR3 at backyard worlds (link below), I can see that it is clearly an M-dwarf, a bit above the main-sequence, so maybe a young M-dwarf.

It also co-moves with the nearby star (TYC 1417-338-1). Values from EDR3 in the table below:

Name ra dec plx pmra pmdec
Gaia EDR3 640130515732806016 147.84144100932 21.37528733157 6.7519 -61.135 -82.785
TYC 1417-338-1 147.84073373092 21.37344467737 6.7232 -62.111 -81.507

Please submit this star to backyard worlds with the google form and please mention the co-moving object TYC 1417-338-1 in the submission. Or if you don’t know how to do this I can also submit it and I would mention this discussion.

Thanks a lot. I’ve sent a TYGO form from BWP9, reporting the link to this discussion.