Possible Overlapping Galaxies!



This is a really cool galaxy(s?) Ernest. You seem to have a good set of eyes on you haha. How do you go about finding these interesting objects? (if I may inquire)
This galaxy next to it is also wonky, and its spectrum feels peculiar, but I don’t know enough about spectroscopy. A lot of those galaxies in that area in that redshift are blue. There is something odd about “blue galaxy clusters” but I don’t know enough.


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Hi sorry for the late reply! I’ve been busy on planet hunters lately that’s why I haven’t checked the legacy survey forum. To answer your question why the nearby galaxies around this galaxy is blue: I don’t think this galaxy is in a galaxy cluster, there are only 2-3 galaxies nearby so that won’t make it a cluster, the blue colors of the galaxies here are probably starforming regions!

Just let me know if you find the bugger homeworld… :slight_smile:

This is what I was referencing, I guess 7 galaxies at .018 redshift, makes a group not a cluster, but a group! hahhaa, idk its making me blue! So much blue!

However, yeah idk if these are gravitationally influencing eachother to be an actual group instead of an asterism of galaxies…hehe but thats cool about the exoplanets:)

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Agree, there could 7 galaxies in this group, a group which is similar to our own local group (which contains Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies).