Possible not known asteroid


An asteroid clearly visible in r and g band that is not in JPL database. I am going to make a more detailed search for objects with high uncertainty in MPC but it is possible to be a new discovery. What can be done in such cases? Is it possible to submit data from DES to MPC somehow? I mean I am experienced in this kind of work but is it possible to do it as a collaboration with DES? :slight_smile:


These two images were not taken by DES (the Dark Energy Survey collaboration), they were taken by us, the Legacy Survey, under propid 2014B-0404 (PI: Schlegel). My guess is that these two observations are not enough to get an orbit for the asteroid, so unless you can find an additional appearance of it, you might be out of luck. These images were taken on 2016-04-09, so pretty hard to take follow-up now – it’s gone.


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I know it is gone :wink: MPC don’t accept single observations but two points are acceptable. Than they keep these data in their database until linkage to more recent observations are made. Discovery credit is been given to the first observation in an opposition where the second night the same object is found. So generally speaking it is gone. Are you sending minor planet data to MPC. I believe there are cases when it can be quite useful because the quality of the position determination is quite good?

We are not sending anything to MPC.
The data are immediately public, so I don’t see any reason you couldn’t submit this observation to the MPC.

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That will be great! I am going to do some preliminary checks to evaluate the quality of the astrometric data and if it is good I can send. Problem is mostly that MPC doesn’t accept single measurements per night, so if I want to send anything based on Legacy Survey data I have to be able to measure two points at least (object measured in two filters the same night) which happen often but not true in most cases.

I found that single image cutouts work only on DECaLS DR5. Are there plans to expand this capability to DR6 and 7?

Yep, eventually there will be single-image cutouts for all.

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That will be fantastic :slight_smile: It helps a lot in identifying suspected objects. I found it really easy to spot asteroids in DR5 now.