Possible new planetary nebula


Following the discussion of a new planetary nebula by @Robstargazer1997 and the suggestion from @tombickle to report it to PlanetaryNebula.net I have decided to also report my candidate PNe there.

I have checked SIMBAD, VizieR and their list and included the findings. I have not checked the HASH database because it, like many other websites, has a completely unneccesary requirement to create an account just to search through their database.


I am a member on HASH, I will go ahead and give it a look.

I did notice one strange thing: central star is IRAS-named. We shall see…

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I do not see it listed on HASH.

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Yeah that comes from IRAS 1986 / 1987… np

Thanks so much for checking! not in HASH makes it better still…


Well succes I guess, Pascal confirmed it isn’t in the HASH database and it will probably appear as ‘Jonk 1’ on their website planetarynebula.net and in HASH!

Thanks so much people for supplying the info on planetary nebulae . net and given a leading example of trying anyway despite some candidate references or similar!

In the follow-up I have now also submitted my spectacular find from carbon star IRAS 12311-3509, in the hopes this might also be classified as planetary nebula (and become Jonk 2)!

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I’ve just had Bic 3 accepted (will appear soon alongside Bic 1 and Bic 2).

Time for a competition to see who can find the most! :laughing:

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Nice! I think I spotted a “name 59” or something in there, got some catching up to do :wink:

Huh I would be game normally, but on Search Off mode for the time being…

Good luck and happy hunting

Oh and I DID come across a lot of PNe while searching for Voorwerpjes with WISE….

I just successfully added in my list of known planetary nebulae at the TIMBERS project! (which is not on there sadly)

Planetary Nebulae It might be yours


Hey now, it is indeed! That’s so cool haha

Thanks for posting, I expected a notification or something from them when it’s added but it’s probably not their modus operandi

Again, thanks for keeping an eye out!

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Hi, I was scanning through until I found a possible PN, not listed in SIMBAD/Vizier/PlanetaryNebulae.net. Let me know if anyone has claimed it!

Stands better in SDSS

wider SDSS image

Location 18.1008, 11.3669
EGGR 901

That WD is in a bunch of CSPN catalogs, so it seems to be known.

Spectrum of Jonk 1 taken by 2SPOT in Chile, commenting “likely a blue giant”


“The signal of Jonk 1 is weak but shows a continuum of a blue star
Strong Na 1(5890/5896) emission lines have been detected
Jonk 1 does not appear to be a planetary nebulae but rather a blue giant.”

The spectrum is mispositioned? IDK why but doesn’t look like a blue giant to me.

Lol CSPN literally stands for Central Star of Planetary Nebula. The vast majority of CSPNe are white dwarfs.

I cannot find anything about CSPN in vizier so may not be in here.

Ok people the thread hijacking stops here.

This thread is about a singular object, if you want to post other objects or start a nonsensical discussion you can do so in your own thread


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