Possible gravitational lens arc

possible gravitational lens arc in DES1, i can view the single image cutout.

Is there some group that works in this field with which to contact?


I’d try one of the astronomers directly involved in the DES project, although this doesn’t look like a lens to my eyes.

And with such an big one I’d try SIMBAD first to check if it’s known already.

It is found around 2MASS J01225472-6434131 but not identified in Simbad-CDS nor SLOAN, SLACS y SL2S (de CFHT)


It’s at Dec = -64 – way outside the SDSS footprint (not visible from the Northern hemisphere where the Sloan and CFHT telescopes are).

Ay idea about it’s nature? Is near a galaxy cluster

Seems to me a strong gravitational lensing probable candidate in cusp configuration.

Viewed with Aladin


last Citizen science project https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/aprajita/space-warps-hsc/about/research
contact Aprajita Verma @aprajitaverma

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