Polar ring perfection



Is it my impression or are there multiple shells toward NE?

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Welcome! I feel like I can see multiple shells extending North-West (well, 2) if that is what you mean? It seems a bit odd to me to see shells in one direction - it almost looks like a wave generator but the waves are a partial shell.

Yes, this is what I mean. Sorry, I used the standard astronomical convention (E to the left). Normally shells trace a merger, but where is the remnant?

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Ah I see My knowledge of conventions is fairly non-existent so I will note this one down. This guy seems to suggest that it can just happen (no logic given). My understanding is that shells form post-merger due to matter being liberated and orbiting the primary galaxy with different periods. Maybe the liberated matter after this galaxy ate a much smaller one just oscillated in one area (as the eaten galaxy was much smaller) in such a way to produce this weird shell?