Pea green
I thought this galaxy looked odd and zoomed in for a closer look and noticed a pea green spot.

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Looks like a cosmic ray hit.


Cosmic Ray would be a cool band name.

They’d have so many hits.

Cosmic rays, also known as astroparticles, are high-energy particles or groups of particles that travel through space at nearly the speed of light. They can originate from the sun, novae and supernovae, other stars, black holes, or outside our galaxy. Cosmic rays comprise charged particles, such as protons, electrons, and atomic nuclei, and neutral particles, like photons and neutrinos.

Cosmic rays that hit the detector can create the form of light energy causing these artifacts. Usually, they are removed with processing software, but as I learned from research and the help of Dustin, these are very hard to detect on existing light causing software to miss it.