Overall, this resembles an irregular, though subtle hints of spirality are also discernible


This, in my experience, is a fairly typical young LSB which has grown through smooth accretion only.

Smooth accretion regularly produces N>2 armed gataxies

It is irregular with, as you suggest, beginnings of arms (although one is in conflict)
It has a very skimpy start of a core and it is not a disk yet

The globular clusters or clumps that sketch out the arms are a good start toward structure but I wouldn’t bet on any structure that you can see now persisting in the future… it is just too young.

Here’s a nearby sibling that may be a good playmate

If they do a vertical, ‘pancake’, merger it might not even produce a spiral.

If they do a ‘slide in’ or ‘bumper-car’ merger the common side and cores will make the bar for a two arm barred spiral

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