Oh Wow! I just found an absolute stunning jellyfish galaxy!


I thought it was referenced, but it’s not, cant find one here! Let me know if it’s referenced! Hopefully going in the Zoo Gems 2 project.


There is now a seperate project specifically looking for these (might already be known by researchers there since we emailed a bunch to them through Melina a long time ago)

This is a fascinating example of a slightly warped edge-on spiral that displays several tails or trails of blue starburst massive stars.It would be nice to get some rotation HI data.
Some years ago I did classify a large number of “jellyfish” galaxies on the Zooniverse site. I do tend to subconsciously dislike zoological or botanical type classifications. It’s akin to a botanist classifying bats as birds. I cringe every time " feeding frenzy" is written or vocalised .
On wind turbines. The wind flows through the wind turbine and it extracts some kinetic energy from the wind and that energy is used to generate electricity or to pump water, to do useful work. In practice , the turbines can’t extract all wind energy. Thermodynamic efficiency is only about 20%. Imagine , were all energy extracted , then the wind would halt behind the blades would stop and the increased pressure would halt the process.
There’s no obvious bow wave there, but a preferred local direction of movement is apparent. For a galaxy rotation velocity of say 250 km/sec , at maximum efficiency, it could be moving at up to 80km/sec (20% efficiency), that’s ~equivalent to the Hubble Fow , ca. 70/km/sec per megaparsec. So where is it going , say in comparison to “The axis of evil”. That’s another buzz phrase. Were one part of Frank Dyson’s type III civilisation one would be wary of ones future .

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Another nice jellyfish. Very nice.