Odd ring structure


An odd one. Not sure what’s caused this.

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Having spoken to an astrophysicist who studies galaxies, we believe that it looks like a cool stellar stream from a past minor merger with the main galaxy

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looks like a polar ring

I disagree. Its a bit faint for that. Also the fact there are 2 rings is consistent with a stellar stream


Looks very much like the classic stream system NGC 5907.

Could we agree that though this is a stellar stream from a past merger, in a way, couldn’t it also be considered a “proto-polal ring”?; It would kind of make sense that this could be the origin of a polar. I’m not sure though, more of a hypothesis if anything.

Im not sure there’s enough material for that. I think streams and polar rings are formed in the same way (through mergers), but i’m not sure what the exact conditions are for the formation of polar rings