Now idk but is this an example of one of those voorwerpjes?

I don’t see a voorwerp in this image

they are extremely rare

We live in a large universe. It’s so large that rare events happen all the time.

There must be hundreds of candidates in the Galaxy Zoo thread by this point

I’ll give up once there’s thousands…

Oh yeah, I wasnt saying that as a discouragement, more of an encouragement that there loads out there to be found!

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even still, they are more difficult to find than supernovae. how often do you find a supernova?

Well thus far I’ve actually died more times than I’ve found supernova, so I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

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Supernovae are more common than you think. Finding them optically is just a very inefficient method

I’ve never even researched how to discover them. But, what I would think is an efficient way to do so would be something comparable to having 2 images of the same section of sky shot at different times and running a blending algorithm that subtracts or shows the difference between the images. Is that sort of how it’s done?

I discovered more than 90 #supernova candidates and all reported in the Transient Name Server. It is the site from the supernova workgroup from the IAU. That is the official site to report supernovae candidates.
The head of this project is the Ofer Yaron from Israel.
There are four members from Galaxy Zoo who can report including myself.

If you want to learn how to distinquish a supernova candidate from a star, galaxy, asteroid or artifact you can read several topics about it on the website of the Galaxy Zoo project. It is not exactly done like you said. It is more complicated.

To discover a candidate is one thing but to confirm that it is a proper candidate and to report is another thing. Sometimes I have to calculate an Apparent magnitude with APT, a reference star and an equation. The magnitudes are not always given in the DECaLS, SDSS or Legacy Survey catalogs. One of the many things you need to report is the Apparent magnitude of the candidate.

Ine :stars::dizzy:

Example from a report I made.