Nearby irregular dwarf galaxy

Always weirds me out when those nearby galaxies almost look like a globular cluster, as if you can apparantly see individual stars, which isn’t the case ofcourse but this ‘optical illusion’ is pretty convincing for me


Are you sure you’re not seeing individual stars? If I’m reading correctly it’s only 2 megaparsecs away – only 3x the distance to the Andromeda galaxy, where (with HST) we resolve tens of millions of individual stars. Only the brightest individual stars, of course, with the bulk of them providing the fuzzy background.


Oh no you’re adding to my confusion lol!

Uhm… ok in my Astronomy Basic Knowledge drawer in my head I’ve got a note that says “individual stars of other galaxies cannot be distinguished unless very close and observed with the likes of HST”

Anyway aren’t galaxies, even dwarf types, supposed to be comprised of billions of stars? If I’m actually looking at individual stars here that would definitely not be the case, almost possible to count them by eye if you’re up to the task…

Hmm thanks for the mental p.r.o.d., it’s good to examine basic underlying assumptions :+1:

PS really the word p r o d is banned? Come on now……

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You’d only be individually resolving the brightest stars, which are fairly few and far between. Something like 70% of stars are M dwarfs which we would stand absolutely no chance of resolving, then add the earlier type dwarf stars that are also too faint, plus white dwarfs etc. You’re only left with a very small number of resolvable stars.

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Ah I’ll double check the banned list and remove anything extraneous. List was pre-made so didn’t check all 1.7k. Removed a couple and shouldn’t be any more issues

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