Nearby Galaxies Thread

This thread is for nearby galaxies where individual stars are resolved within about 7.7 Mpc (25 Mly) where most stars can be resolved.

Make sure to include the distance, image, and a link to the viewer. Names of the galaxy is optional.

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I will start off with a few.

UGC 6817 Distance = 2.6 Mpc

IC 3687 Distance=4.5 Mpc

NGC 295 distance=3.6 Mpc

ESO 349-31, SculptorDIrr distance=3.2 Mpc

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NGC 2336

Where do you read the distance ?


The distance is listed in SIMBAD and NED. In SIMBAD you’d have to go to measurements, click the button, gives the distance in parsec. NED, you will lick Distances, it shows all distance measurements in parsec.

NGC 2715

Must be below 7.7 Mpc (25 MLY). If you look in simbad and hit select all measurements.

Ok sorry now I can read it !

Linking an image doesn’t seem to work for me though.

Click Discuss this object, then copy the text as it auto-generates the image for yoy, along with the link to the viewer. Go to the selected post, reply and paste your text. Therefore an image and link to the viewer will show up.

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