Mysterious Green Transient

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Neat! I don’t know what that would be – the color suggests that it’s astrophysical, not an artifact, but it’s not moving as fast as asteroids normally do.

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Exactly! Does not look like a supernova, nor artifact but too slow for asteroid. Looks better in SDSS btw.

I am excluding possibilities at GalaxyZoo, but not much to work with atm.

I will post here if we get some definitive result! :slight_smile:


What do you mean about it looking better in SDSS? Compared to what? Flipping between the SDSS and DECaLS DR3 layers (where we only have z-band imaging so far), I only see it in SDSS – at least I don’t see anything convincing in the DECaLS image nearby. The DECaLS images have been taken recently, so there’s a 5+ year baseline to SDSS.


Oh no I meant IN SDSS in comparison to SDSS image in the DECaLS browser. It is indeed not visible in DECaLS AFAIK.


Ahh, I see :slight_smile: Thanks!

Update: I have succesfully reported the transient, and now has the IAU designation AT 2000gc, link here:

Gotta write your own story ey :smile: