Missed DESI PNEB Coma Spectrum!


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Whats a PNEB?

Planetary nebula. Weird location for a planetary nebula - far from the Milky Way’s disk, a foreground of the Coma Cluster and somehow nearly polar to the galaxy’s plane

Oh, they’re usually acronymed as a PN.

While its true that most PNe are located near the galactic plane from our perspective, that’s only because thats where most of the stars in the galaxy are. There are plenty of stars in other directions too, so PNe can be anywhere really. Not sure it counts as a “weird location”.

Loads of white dwarves close to the Coma Cluster with lots of them cataloged already very interesting, and I reckon this one lies outside of the Milky Way? Or very tiny?


It’s in the milky way. Its completely unrelated to the coma cluster.

Yes, you’re right as I looked at the distance information on this object and I; 'm not sure how it got there, so its definitely away (and not outside) from the main disc.