Millions of orphan stars?

There is a large hazy patch to the right of this pair of galaxies that could be millions of orphan stars ejected by the interaction. (more visible in the browser)

Or, more likely I think, a LSB (low surface brightness) dwarf in the foreground. In my experience, these are surprisingly common.

The area covered is approximately half the area of the thumbnail. Again, you need to look in the viewer and move the image up and down the screen so you can detect the faint glow in the background, mainly to the right of the pair of galaxies and stretching to the bright star on the right.

This enhanced view may help you see it

Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 22.04.57.jpg

Could be a tidal tail from the interaction of the two galaxies at 8 o’clock.

Indeed, I think that is what it is - throwing millions of stars out into intergalactic space.