Might be a M+dwarf?

Found in zoouniverse diskdetective program (submitted): nearby starforming galaxy might contaminate SED ? From GAIA EDR3 Abs Mg 13.7 G-RP 1.3117 #notinsimbad #hightplx #SED in VizieR with w4 > w1 BANYAN prob. field star 99.9%
Thanks for any comment and explanation (and correction of mistakes…)

Yup, looks early to mid M. Id guess M4 from panstarrs mags. Doesnt seem to be particularly interesting. M dwarfs are the most common type of star; was there anything about it that caught your eye?

If you have a minute, try giving a look at VizieR photometry, the SED shows a very important IR excess, looks like a YSO or extragalactic object. I wonder if nearby galaxy may contaminate the SED.
Thanks for the answer

W1-W2 looks pretty normal for an M dwarf. YSOs and extragalactic contaminants tend to have much larger W1-W2. Not sure whats going on with the BP-RP & G-RP, but given the distance of ~180 pc, and the fact gaia detected it at that distance, i’d be confident saying its nothing more than an early-to-mid M dwarf.

Thanks again!