May have found a strong gravitational lens

Actually, more than one. NED seems to suggest that it’s not (yet) recognized as a strong gravitational lens (or candidate, to be more precise).

What to do about these? I mean, who would be interested in following up, and how to ensure credit is given where it’s due?

ETA: Hmm … seems I’ve having trouble posting an image … :frowning:


missing an & between the dec and zoom=


Thanks! Once I get a URL like that right, I can copy/edit/paste; however, if there’s an error - like a missing “&” - it’s often hard for me to find.

How to display the image in a post? I’ve seen it done in other posts …

And what to do with this candidate (and others we’ve found)?

ETA: Here’s the image


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This would be worth following up with higher-resolution imaging or spectroscopy. I pointed it out to some of my likely suspect colleagues…

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Another one:


Same story: nothing in NED to suggest it’s been discovered before. How to display an image in this post? What risk is there that some professional will run with this without even acknowledging the source?

You can attach an image by clicking the “Upload” button in the post editor.

Thanks. I edited two or my earlier posts so that now there’s an image in each.

That’s really cool; correct me if I’m wrong but the red color could mean it is either exceptionally distant or is not experiencing the typical starburst of an early galaxy.

Yes, both explanations are consistent with the observed colors. However, there could be others … I am quite a newbie when it comes to sgls. :frowning: