Many errors and problems after maintenance day at NERSC

Hi, We are getting lots of errors from the previous maintenance day.

  • HyperLEDA/SGA galaxies stopped working
  • Single image exposures no longer work
  • Cutouts >0.50 pixscale is only black in LS DR10-Early
  • Bricks are missing
  • Data is terribly slow or doesn’t work.
  • Coadds show up Error 404
  • Sometimes SGA would show up Error 500 for some reason

HyperLEDA/SGA galaxies have stopped working according to browser inspect. This is what the message says. Is there a way to fix it?

The HYPERLEDA/SGA galaxies is marked on. Example is Coma Cluster.

I got this message while looking at the Single Image Exposure

Cutouts >.50 no longer work–getting me a black picture, Happens with Viewer here.



Bricks show an Error 404 message

Coadded images dosent work

Guessing somebody must’ve touched the wrong computer here.

It appears that some things are getting fixed today by the computer adminisrators.


Are you still seeing issues?

The “Bricks” and “Coadds” links you provide above don’t look like valid links that should ever have worked – where did you find those?


Ah they are wrong, but they do work. I dont know why it does say instead of here. Maybe I’m just seeing things