Lost in space, tried to find magnifying lenses

Hello everyone ! Not quite an astronomer here… but I have made a few observations and have a few questions.

I’ve been wandering through space for a couple of hours looking for some sort of bubble-ish deformations, curvatures or replications of objects to see if those could be magnifying lenses. Here are some. Any comment or explanation is welcome.

link : Legacy Survey Sky Browser

The next one i find it interesting due to some sort of replication and symmetry. The two clear disc-shaped galaxies are similar to my eye and might be one and only (Simbad calling them respectively LEDA 2787967 and LEDA 2787975); how would you differentiate them? (can not find the distance for both).

Furthermore, blue lighted star on the left (top one), SDSS J084835.09+832305.2 and the one underneath isn’t “clickable”; are they the same ? Same as the one on the far right that links in a weird manner to the galaxy LEDA 2787975

Both these observations seem to superpose to my eye on sort of a line/point in space in the middle of all of this.

link : Legacy Survey Sky Browser

Two observations on the next one :

  1. zoomed in, might look like a interaction between two galaxies instead.

  2. There is a green artifact (banana shaped) on top of the image. I have been wondering if this artefact could have come from a magnifying effect of light coming from the green halo provoked by the HD 121623 - Spectroscopic Binary (up-right intense light source when opening the link and dezooming), which light had its course deviated by a massive object on its way to “us”. Yet I don’t see any possibility due to the angle of the banana. What could cause this sudden very localized and partially spherical shape of artifact ?

link : Legacy Survey Sky Browser

link Legacy Survey Sky Browser

link: Legacy Survey Sky Browser

Collision instead for the next one ?

link : Legacy Survey Sky Browser

UGC 8158 – Galaxy

link : Legacy Survey Sky Browser

I guess I still have a lot to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a good evening !

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Dosen’t count, you could try to look it up for examples.