Looks like Saturn!



Pretty incredible!

Another great find!
There’s a lot going on in this area. I like the spiral galaxy with two arms to the upper left too.


Zooming out from this find, the region is very “busy” as you noted. I find this really interesting and have noticed that regions have a lot of variance in their activity. In the region for your link above, the “activity” seems quite extensive. Can someone explain to me (who has very low understanding) why this is? Or, some regions seemingly have more frequent “metal poor” and/or globular clusters than other. Is my noticing that regions seem to have distinct characteristics from other regions correct or is there more homogeneity but I’m just inferring something that isn’t there?

Galaxies cluster together! It is believed that the dark matter forms a “cosmic web”, and galaxies form along those nodes and filaments.

Globular clusters are different, they’re within (or part of, at least) our Milky way.


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