Local SN remnant?

Simbad offered no info on it. Not sure if its a nebula or some kind of star artifact

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No. That is not a supernova but an image artifact.

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Yep, a “ghost” from a nearby bright star. That shape is actually the primary mirror (with the center blocked out by the camera itself), and you can see the four supports (“spiders”) in the corners.

This comes from reflections inside the camera – for example, instead of going through the filter, some of the light bounces off, and then bounces again off another lens and then goes through the filter the second time. From the bounces, the light ends up in the wrong place.


Are there star types more likely to create such an effect? Something odd going on with it? LASER emmiting like Eta Carinae for instance. Why is it green and could the answer help us understand voorwerps?

This video blew my mind. JWST found far more Supernovae that expected.

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Nah, it’s just an effect from the optics, and just depends on where the star is relative to the center of the camera. It’s green because it appears in the “g”-band filter, which becomes green in these images… all these color images are created by combining three individual exposures through filters.


Who will literally tell Anton to stun the public of finding supernovae but instead are something else?