Legacysurvey down

Hi legacysurvey.org/viewer is down.
Is it having its quarterly holiday? :slight_smile:

Yep, unfortunately there’s a 4-day maintenance/upgrade period in progress at NERSC.

Status page: https://www.nersc.gov/live-status/motd/

The newer “public” version of the site is still alive, for what it’s worth:


Thank you for the info.

Hi folks,

It looks like the viewer is back (though it wouldn’t be totally surprising if it went down again or was intermittent until tomorrow).



Thank you again., I will re-post the info

Looks as if there are more new buttons to click

Hi, cutouts is not working. I get error message

404 Not Found


Thanks for your note – should be fixed now.

We just finished moving the site to new server infrastructure that should be more resilient and with greater uptime.


Thank you, we will get back to happily cutting and pasting :grinning:

I see there are now FITS files option in the cutout. I haven’t learned to deal with FITS yet, so I must try to avoid clicking on it.

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