Known object lists?

Hi all,

It seems like it would be useful to have an overlay layer for some classes of known objects that people here are particularly interested in. For example, strong lenses and voorwerpjes (incl candidates). If someone wants to assemble candidate lists, I’m willing to add such a layer to the sky viewer. We could even continue updating it with discoveries from this site.

I think what I would need would be a FITS or CSV file with
RA, Dec, name, description
where “name” would be short text shown in a label, and “description” could be longer, shown in a popup upon clicking the object, and could include a URL with more information on the object.



This would be awesome and very useful Dustin

Known Voorwerpjes would be somewhere around 27-30 objects

Theres a near complete list of GZ Voorwerpje candidates coords in a dedicated thread, could be possible to compile a CSV list (without names / description, adding those wold be too much work, URL could link to the candidate thread?)

Known lenses is way too much, I’d refer to the SIMBAD link and from there to VizieR for known ones (including candidates), I tried to explain this in one of the many lens posts here

PS I doubt Voorwerpje candidates posted here are picked up, Bill Keel regularly checks the GZ thread

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That sounds absolutely amazing. Will see if I can create candidate lists from Vizier. Shouldn’t be too hard to take a couple of important catalogues and turn them into a bunch of FITS files, should it?

I may have plans to do Messier & Caldwell objects (.fits) files under the bright objects section. It may require tests and error fixes to complete this (219 total objects) Might go out sometime this year.


There will probably be a fixed layer with Voorwerpje candidates, but as I test I’ll post this link with all Galaxy Zoo voorwerpje Hunt thread posted candidates per 01-04-2023, not sure if it will be a persistent link though…

Lovely to see the HSC groupings