It looks like a couple of interacting galaxies, am I right?

Those 2 dots and the larger oval up to the right are all galaxies and the bottom two especially seem to be close enough to interact (although not strongly) so I would say yes!

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and how to distinguish between interacting and just galaxies that are close relative to us, but further apart from each other. That is, let’s say we look at the stars from the Earth, they are close, but at different distances

To be honest it’s hard. The best thing is to see if the galaxies have any unusual shape or how close they are to each other. Generally (not all the time but mostly) galaxies of a similar size are near each other and don’t just look close relative to us and generally galaxies that feel close are close. With the feeling bit its just something you get used to after seeing a bunch and telling that they are interacting by seeing them as slightly distorted. I got used to this “feeling” after classifying a bunch of galaxies here at this project on zooniverse. other people might have a better way of putting this though.

All galaxies in this collection I made are interacting and most are also merging with other galaxies

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