Is this a voorwerp or something else?

Hello love!

After looking over the examples you provided, I was able to rule out the first being a voorwerp - it looks like the feature you’re curious about is a starburst region at the end of the galaxy’s bar. This region in many galaxies are known to contain starbursts, large, bright and hot OB stars and open clusters - NGC 1300 being an example.

I was able to deduce star forming region and not voorwerp in the first as the galaxy is completely dark in radio images (the second example has a radio core) yet bright in UV, indicating star formation and not nuclear activity or other high-energy activity. The galaxy is also isolated, does not appear warped, interacting, or to be a post-merger object; a trait many voorwerps, including the second example you gave, share.

The second example - yep I genuinely think you found a voorwerp or related ionization cloud! Here’s why i’m confident about the second:

  1. object in several images, and appears across multiple surveys, meaning it’s not an artifact, asteroid, transient, etc.

  2. object appears to be ‘green’ in all images - another shared trait of many known voorwerps

  3. Object is situated visually, and likely physically, near the nucleus of the associated galaxy - AGNs are known to produce enough radiation outflows to ionize ejected gas and plasma clouds, as was the case in Hanny’s Voorwerp, and is likely the case here. The presence of a radio core in this galaxy is further indication of ongoing nuclear activity that has likely played a role in this objects formation

  4. The galaxy associated with the object is in the midst of a gas-rich merger with one, and possibly a second, spiral companion. Extreme gravitational interactions such as mergers and ‘hit-and-runs’ with gas-rich systems often result of an influx of material being pushed towards the nuclei of the involved galaxies, creating the AGN activity discussed above.

I hope I didn’t over-explain! Just like to give info that might help with further finds of these mysterious objects! <3