Is there a way to get single exposures for HSC?
Trying to find out what green dot is

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I don’t know about single exposures, but theres their own viewer for which you can get single filter images by setting RGB to the same filter

HSC viewer

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Ah amazing - thank you

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As an aside; when you are close to the HSC field in the Legacy Survey Viewer always check out the coordinates in the HSC Viewer; usually theres a larger area available there (sometimes only 2 filters so its not available in the Legacy viewer)

The HSC viewer is probably showing their DR3, while the production version of the Legacy Survey viewer is still showing HSC-DR2. (I actually do have their DR3 loaded in a testing version, but not released yet.) They added a little bit of area in DR3.


That must be it, yes I’ve seen many objects there just out of reach in the Legacy viewer so I usually double check now

Is it also possible it has to do with gri vs only grz filters available or something similar?

I know they released some areas from old PI programs that passed their proprietary periods. Mostly tiling programs it seems.

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Oh yeah, gri vs grz could also come into play. But I thought the LS showed data in all regions – the colors just go funny if not all of grz are available.