Is that a jet coming from this galaxy?

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Probably more likely to be debris from a galaxy merger – when a smaller galaxy falls into a larger galaxy, it can get torn apart, with the debris spread out along the orbit. Head-on collisions can result in thin streams like this.

Awesome! I really appreciate you taking time to respond to my questions. Is there a quick reference guide to the types of celestial objects that can be found in the legacy survey? (i.e. this is how jets appear in the survey and what to look for, or this is what quasars look like…) I’m totally green and it would help me make better sense of the objects so i don’t have to waste the communities time with rudimentary questions.

Hmm, we don’t have any documentation like that, but the Galaxy Zoo folks probably do ( /

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as dstn said, it is not a jet, it is likely something caused by a merger. Jets from galaxies are only visible in radio, which you can see in the VLASS 1.2 survey. You can see some really good jets from NGC4374 in the virgo supercluster. i like to switch between the Legacy Surveys DR9 images and VLASS 1.2 while looking around


Here is lots of information.This should answer some of your questions :slight_smile:

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Here are links to information about strong gravitational lenses

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