Interesting tidal trails


Seeing that the target galaxy isn’t distorted or warped at all I’m almost inclined to think jets here.

No reference for this particular feature in NED or SIMBAD (although it is as AGN).

Yes, I thought that, but I thought jets were normally only seen in X-Ray not visible?

The orientation of the features and the fact that they are symmetrical does support the jet hypothesis though. It would be nice to see this imaged by Hubble or ALMA, wouldn’t it?

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Yeah well the regular answer on GZ to ‘jets?’ is they are tiny and cannot be seen in regular (optical) images, aside from nearby ones from M87. So no shouldn’t be visible this way.

Also I know that they are also usually seen in radio emission; Radio Galaxy Zoo is nearly 100% built on this.

But indeed orientation + symmetry + no clear disturbance in apparant host galaxy suggests otherwise… Another possibility is a highly coincidental overlap?