Interesting objects


The green things are cosmic rays – charged particles hitting the detectors. Usually they get detected and removed by the image processing routines, so I’m not sure why these ones made it through!

That’s an interesting image bleed.

Shower might have occurred very close to detector. Feels like everything originates from the same point

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 4.51.42 PM


I don’t think it’s bad science to say if we don’t know something then it was aliens. No one can disprove it and there’s as much evidence for it as against it.

Lol I hope thats a joke, as claiming aliens would be horrific science.

Yes of course - it would be terrible as it contravenes just about every rule there is for forming theories. However, it is a fun thing to consider and the field of astrobiology isn’t a quack science. No aliens ever spotted sadly. Apart maybe from this (still not nearly confirmed but a fun thing for anyone’s inner child to read).

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