Interesting object

I’m not proficient at referencing the data, but when I look at single exposures, it seems to be there in 2017, mostly gone in 2018, and not at all in SDSS. To my untrained eye, that’s what I might guess a supernova might look like. [edit: doesn’t appear to be there in 2021 exposures either]


What is the most proficient way of sorting out whether it is a supernova or not?
This single frame seems to show it prominently

This frame from 2016 doesn’t present it at all that I can tell:

And this one from 2021 doesn’t seem to show it:


It’s also important to look at the band – the single exposures are sorted first by band (g/r/i/z) and then by date. g/r/i/z bands map to Blue/Blue-green/Green-yellow/Red in the images. So for this blue-greenish object, I would only expect to see it in g and r exposures.


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Again, thanks for the tip here Dustin. Naturally, some of the candidate dates for a before and after in the g and r are clipped off right where the object is. The best compare I can do is this g before and after:

Until I can get better data, I will suspend the thought that this is a sn.