Interesting object


Welcome! That is a star. The box like shape in the centre is caused by the star being close to Earth. The proximity of the star to the Earth causes the detector to oversaturate and you get a weird shape in the centre of the star.

Oversaturation is more to do with brightness than proximity. Sure, they tend to be proportional, but in this case, the star is thousands of parsecs away (not a distance that we’d call ‘close’ to earth from a stellar standpoint).

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Fair point. Maybe I could have worded it better. My point was more that, given that this seems a fairly average star, its brightness is because it’s close to us not because it’s a super bright stellar object. It has oversaturated the detector because its bright and it’s bright to us because its near us: it’s not a quasar that’s far away. In this case I’m intending “close” to mean anything that’s not extragalactic.

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