Interesting object

What is this galaxy called? Or is this an enormous gas cloud?


I’m wondering why a lot of posters are routed to a minimized version of the viewer

@Richard_Jansen if you use the regular viewer you can click on an object and get a direct link to the SIMBAD database, usually giving you the name of the object (for most big / bright objects anyway) and most of the papers refering to the object

If you use the central viewer you get a lot more options when clicking on an object + a lot more surveys to choose from too;

They are also routed to the “not secure” version which doesn’t include most of the surveys. Is that just a new user thing?

I think it has to do with popular sites / news feeds directing to that version, not optimal :confused:

Welcome! That’s a galaxy and it’s called NGC 4236, also known as Caldwell 3. Normally if you right click on the centre of an object and click “search in SIMBAD”, it should take you to a database but the viewed you are using seems to be an old/less optimal one. Try using this one (blue text is a link)

That one is hosted on AWS and can withstand large traffic surges :slight_smile: